Symptoms and Treatments for Yeast Infection in Children

Candidiasis or yeast infection is not a condition exclusive to adults. Children and infants can also suffer from the same condition. Candida yeast is normally found in the body and is harmless. However, there are certain factors that can cause excessive production of yeast, thus resulting to an infection. Excessive use of steroids and antibiotics are some of the common factors that could trigger the development of yeast infection rash in children.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection in Children

Most children experience oral thrush or oral yeast infection. The classical symptom of children or baby yeast infection in mouth is the development of patches. The appearance of a white film can also be observed on the lips and tongue. Thrush symptoms, such as lesions, may bleed and an eczema-like skin rash can also be noticed. The rashes are usually seen on the folds of the skin, as well as the area of the groin. This is usually known as diaper rash and is one of the common symptoms of yeast infection in children.

Aside from these symptoms, behavioral problems may also be observed in children afflicted with yeast infection. The child may present an irritable behavior, constant coughing and nasal congestion. Some children affected by the condition may also experience headaches, earaches and stomachaches. All these may affect the child’s concentration, as well as his learning processes. That is why it is necessary to opt for a yeast infection test in order to determine the condition of the child.

Treatment for Yeast Infection in Children

It is important for parents to easily recognize the symptoms of the condition in order to treat it immediately. Yeast infection symptoms in children can be treated in the same manner as when dealing with yeast infection symptoms in women or men. However, children recover faster than adults when it comes to this condition. Antifungal medications are the most commonly prescribed treatment option for this condition.

Aside from medications, parents can also make use of a natural treatment for yeast infection. Experts believe that yeast survives by feeding on sugar. Hence it is necessary to teach your child to follow a diet that is low on sugar. It is necessary to make sure that the affected child is consuming lesser amount of sugar, candies and other sweets. Aside from that, fermented foods, such as cakes and breads should be eliminated from the diet as well.

Experts believe that a yeast infection natural treatment is the most suitable for children affected by such condition. This is to prevent any side effects of medications that are usually prescribed for yeast infection. However, in case the child’s condition is severe, taking him to a physician is necessary in order to diagnose the condition. This will also help determine the most suitable treatment for the child’s condition.

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  1. Anne says:

    The white thingy on my baby’s tongue could be yeast and not milk? I always think that it’s just milk. Should I be alarmed?

    • admin says:

      It happens to all babies. Try to wipe it off with a white cloth, it should come off. If it doesn’t wipe off, it’s probably yeast infection. Bring your baby to the doctor right away.

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