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Candidiasis is a woman’s problem in her vagina. It produces intense itching, accompanied by an odorless , white cheesy discharge. It is caused by yeast which lives on most areas of the body. It has many available cures.
A woman who has candidiasis feels very uncomfortable. The symptoms of it are chronic infections, depression, bad breath, food cravings, indigestion, insomnia, mental confusion, unpleasant odors, panic attacks as well as menstrual problems.
Causes of Yeast Infection
This is usually caused by an infection caused by Candida Albicans. People who always drink antibiotics may lessen the amount of good bacteria in the stomach and the Candida may enter the stomach and irritate it. This will start the problem which poses danger to the health of a woman. It may also be caused by the change from slightly acidic to more alkaline environment in the vagina.
Stress can also cause candiadiasis. There is an overproduction of stomach acid here which causes indigestion. Candida Albiacans feed on the less digested food.
Even prescription drugs may cause this problem. Sugars, as well as junk foods are also main causes of yeast infection.
Candida is a very hard and oftentimes harassing state because it does not smell good.
Prevention and Cure for Yeast Infection
There are things that you should eliminate in your diet. You must avoid, sugary foods, cheese, alcohol, chocolate, fermented food, gluten, grains. You must also avoid meats, pickles, raw mushroom, vinegar or any yeast product.
You must try not to have allergies in food, hypoglycemia or indigestion as they can promote the condition.
Do not also live in moldy environments or those with woodpiles for you might get the Candidiasis from them. Tobaccos, insecticides or perfumes must also be avoided.
For the foods, you must stay on a low carbohydrate diet. Limit the use of yeast containing foods. You cannot eat mushrooms, foods with molds, malted products, and dried fruit.
On the other hand, in order to prevent or fight candidiasis, you may eat the following: broccoli, cabbage, whole grains, beans vegetables, brown rice, garlic, millet.
Remember also to clean all fresh foods in order top remove the chemicals that were sprayed. It is better if you can find a store which sells eco-friendly products or those products which are organic. Organic foods are very good for our health. They do not contain ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. In fact, they may even help in curing our bodies more specifically Candidiasis.
So do not worry too much, just have a healthy lifestyle to prevent this infection.