Homeopathic Remedies for Yeast Infection

Tea tree oil can be used topically against yeast infection diaper rash and vaginal or penile yeast infection. Tea tree oil contains natural antifungal properties that are helpful in eliminating the excess amount of yeast in the body. However, before using it as a treatment for the condition, remember that it should not be used in undiluted form. Using undiluted tea tree oil can cause reddening of the skin and irritation. On the other hand, this can be used in different ways as treatment for yeast infection.

Method #1

Vaginal yeast infection can be cured using tea tree oil by simply preparing a mixture of it with isopropyl alcohol. Just put 8 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in a pint of water and add alcohol to it before using it to wash the infected area. Do this at least three times daily for best results.

Method #2

Another way to use tea tree oil is to dip a tampon to it. First, coat the tampon with a jelly that will act as a lubricant to prevent the tampon from absorbing the oil. The jelly will also dilute the oil so you do not have to add water or alcohol to it. Insert it to the vagina to relieve the symptoms of female yeast infection.

Method #3

Tea tree oil should be diluted with another type of oil, such as olive oil, before using it as treatment for baby yeast infection. Simply take a part of it and mix it with 3 parts of olive oil before applying the solution to the infected area for relief.

Method #4

When suffering from yeast infection in mouth, tea tree oil can also be used as a mouthwash when diluted with plain water. Just add a few drops of it to a glass of drinking water, use it to rinse the mouth thoroughly and relieve the symptoms of oral yeast infection. However, make sure to spit the solution and avoid swallowing it.

Prior to using tea tree oil, it is necessary to confirm if you are infected by yeast first. In case you are unaware of what does yeast infection look like, it would be best to consult your physician first before starting on any form of treatment for the condition.

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  1. Korina says:

    Tea tree oil is truly a wonder oil. I didn’t know that it can also be used for yeast infection. Really amazing.

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