Diet for Candida Infection


Many women are not confident always because of yeast infection. That foul smell down there can actually make you feel too conscious when you go out. You may feel helpless because of this situation and this is really a bad experience for women.

If you are having a yeast infection, you must know that there are foods which can actually make it worse so you have to avoid them. The vaginal infection gets worse if you are going to eat these foods so stop consuming these foods now. Avoid eating foods which are high in sugar. Do not consume foods like pasta because they are made of flour. Do not also eat foods like bread and all those baked sweet goodies full of sugar. If you eat bread, go for the whole wheat bread instead. You must also avoid eating the beans and the peas. Meat products which contain added hormones are also not good for your if you have yeast infection. If you are fond of sauces, you must start avoiding them now. Ketchup, pickles and chutneys are to be eliminated from your diet too.  Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks too. Water which is high in chlorine can also bring the infection to a bad state.

Eat these foods instead:

Go for unsweetened soymilk as your beverage. Plain water is also the best fluid for your body too. You can also have some plain yogurt because it help you fight the infection. It is filled with good bacteria which is good for your gut. Eat vegetables like tomatoes, celery, radishes and parsley. They are good for your body. You can have some chicken meat as your source of protein as long as they are not with added hormones. Dear, quail and turkey meat can also be a substitute for pork. For your nuts and seeds, you can have some hazel nut, macadamia nuts, pecans or sunflower seeds in your diet.

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